In the last article, I told you that the first key to your health and fitness success was to put your workout on your schedule firstThe second tip I can give you to get you on the road to success? Change your eating habits.

Really, weight loss is a simple math equation – expend more calories than you take in. 

Cutting calories to lose weight


I wish I could tell you that if you just do (insert exercise) each day, you’ll surely lose weight. The truth is that our food has many more calories than we realize. Take this chart, for example… 


Eating versus exercise


Before you get all bummed out, take into consideration that you certainly burn calories from more than just exercise. A sedentary woman burns between 1,600 and 2,000 calories per day and a sedentary man burns between 2,000 and 2,600 calories per day. 

So, now that we understand the relationship between calories in and calories out, it makes sense that to see a real change in our bodies and weight, we must make dietary changes. This is not to say you have eat nothing but broccoli all day and it certainly doesn’t mean you can no longer eat your favorite food. Any food you love to eat can be prepared in a more healthy way.

For example, I’m a proponent of the paleo diet and if you google “paleo pizza”, you find tons of delicious-sounding options.

I put together this 9 minute video that provides lots of information on how to make simple but effective changes to your diet. I think you’ll find it’s really not so daunting and baby steps are key. Have a look and get going today on a healthier you!