My specialty is working with women to improve their health and fitness, reach their goals and have fun along the way.

online fitness

The Best in Online Fitness

Only $20/month or $200/year 


Live-streaming fitness classes every week: Barre, Pilates, Boot Camp, Cardio Dance, Kickboxing & more!

All classes recorded & uploaded to workout library so you can access them anytime

PLUS recipes, meal plans, home workout routines and more!

accountability coaching

Accountability Coaching

Ready to make REAL progress toward your goals?

  • Develop visions and goals for your life
  • Stay focused
  • Identify barriers and challenges
  • Build success habits that stick
  • Feel motivated and empowered
  • Move forward and achieve your goals


Let’s do this together!

What Clients Say

I love Whitney's bright and positive attitude. She provides encouragement and confidence without the militant, power-trip behavior found with many gym trainers.
Whitney gave me hope, and because she said I could look and feel better, I trained with her. And she was right! There's no way I could say thank you enough.