The Most Powerful Online Program for Busy Women

You Give Me:

  • Your idea of the perfect workout plan for you: 
    • How many days per week do you want to workout?
    • What do you want to do on those days? How many personal training sessions? Cardio? Rest days?
    • What equipment do you have? Even if it’s none, that’s okay!
    • What are your goals? Any health issues?

I Give You:

  • A customized workout plan delivered online taking all of this into account.
  • Accountability. Not only do I encourage you as you complete each workout, we have weekly check-in calls to see how things are going.
  • Flexibility. Traveling next week and need something different? No problem! This program adapts week to week depending on your needs and situation.
personal training for women

This program is for all the women who want to take better care of themselves but can't find the time or energy.

  • A 4-week fitness plan with personalized workouts created for you based on your goals, health history, accessible equipment and more.

  • Initial consultation call to get to know you and gather information to create the perfect plan.

  • Health and fitness goal setting and accountability from a trainer who gets it and cares.

  • Unlimited text messaging with me to answer any questions.

  • Weekly 10-minute check-in calls.

  • Easy-to-use and robust mobile app where you can access all of your workouts, track progress, and more. The app even syncs with your Apple Watch or Fitbit
    to track progress!

  • Flexibility + accountability + tailored to your needs = Success!

  • You’re working out on your own but I’m with you every step of the way.

Cost: $149/month

accountability coaching

This program is delivered electronically and allows for the flexibility of working out on your own but that doesn’t mean you’re alone!

I’m with you every step of the way, challenging you to take the next step, and providing accountability for your success.