Happy 2017, GPF readers! This is the first of four blog posts where I will give you the keys to health and fitness success! What more could you possibly want???

Maybe you’re hoping for a miracle diet pill, or a new, undiscovered way to magically melt the pounds away without even trying. Well, if you’re hoping for those things, you’re in the wrong place. But that’s not to say getting healthier is “hard”. You just have to decide you’re ready to make a change. Really ready. Are you?

If you are, here’s the first of four guarantees that will kick start your journey.

Health and Fitness Success Guarantee #1 – Put your workout on the schedule first

On Sunday evening when you sit down to look at the week ahead, put your workouts on the schedule first. Next, add your non-negotiables: work, taxiing kids to school and activities, etc. Put your negotiables on last. I’d be willing to bet many of you look at a workout as “I’ll do it if I have time.” And I would also bet you often don’t get around to that workout because life always gets in the way. Stop letting life get in the way. Put your workout first and you’ll find you’re actually putting yourself first. And once they’re on the schedule, stick to them!

Have a great week!