Finding Your Inner Dancing Baby

Think you don't like to exercise? Think again!

It’s my belief that all human bodies actually want to move — sometimes we just lose our way a little.

We grow up. We get these icky things called responsibilities. Our free time virtually dries up, especially when children come into the picture (as wonderful as they are!). Often, we put ourselves last and fitness falls off the schedule completely.

But deep down, your body is craving to move! It’s instinctual and what we’re built for!

Case in point:


So how can we get this joy of movement back once we lost it? Here are a few ideas!

  • Find an activity you like. Think you don’t like any activity? I don’t believe you. You used to have that dancing baby inside! Try a variety of things to see what suits your fancy: rock climbing, jumping on a trampoline, turning on the radio and dancing around your living room.
  • If you’re still drawing a blank, try this Fitness Personality Quiz from
  • Speaking of personality, do you prefer to workout alone or with others? That’s important to know and take into consideration when finding something you’ll stick with. If you’re a social butterfly, working out alone will probably bore you to tears.
  • And whether you’re working out solo or in a group, find an accountability partner. This could be a spouse, friend or personal trainer – someone you can count on to encourage you along the way.


Now go out and find that inner dancing baby!


Photo credit: Gonzalo Merat / Bobs Furniture / CC BY-NC-ND