Austin Personal Trainer Guarantee

austin personal trainer

As an Austin personal trainer, I’m always hesitant to make “guarantees” with personal training. I see other trainers saying “lose weight guaranteed” or “be bikini ready by summer guaranteed” or some other nonsense. Since weight loss is 80% determined by your diet, how can any trainer realistically guarantee your weight loss unless they’re holding your […]

Don’t Train with Me for a Bikini Body

don't train with me for a bikini body

It’s true that I treasure every single person who works out with me here at GirlPower Fitness. I consider it an honor and I treat our time together with respect and gratitude. But you should know, I’m not the right trainer for every person out there. For example: You shouldn’t train with me if you’re looking to […]

The Top 5 Reasons People Don’t Work Out (and How to Overcome) — Reason 3: Value

While there are many people who don’t go to the gym for one reason or another, there are others who couldn’t imagine their life without the gym. If you go the gym, you expect certain things: treadmills and ellipticals, cold water fountains and cold air conditioning, classes that are both challenging and innovative. You may […]