Don’t Train with Me for a Bikini Body

don't train with me for a bikini body

It’s true that I treasure every single person who works out with me here at GirlPower Fitness. I consider it an honor and I treat our time together with respect and gratitude. But you should know, I’m not the right trainer for every person out there. For example:

You shouldn’t train with me if you’re looking to get your body “bikini ready” for summer….. or some other similar nonsense.

You see, I believe that in my little corner of the world where I get to help women with fitness, that I have a higher calling.

  • I help women believe in themselves
  • I want my clients to leave feeling better than when they came
  • My goal is to empower them, to help them realize their strength — strength that they didn’t even know they had
  • I want clients to think, wow, I’m more bad-ass than I realized
  • I strive to help women see their potential and keep moving forward to get there
  • My goal is to create a positive, encouraging community of women who lift each other up 
  • I want my clients to keep moving as they age so that they can have mobile, fulfilling lives as long as possible
  • My hope is that I can help them alleviate pain so their lives can be a little better
  • And my ultimate goal is for my clients to see that their bodies are AMAZING and the best gift they’ve been given and it is worth taking care of. THEY are worth taking care of.


So, if I can help clients with any of the above points and they happen to also get the “bikini body” they’re looking for, awesome. But it’s about SO much more than that.

I’m honored when someone allows me to walk alongside them for a season of life because I am richer from each and every client with whom I work. If you think you’d like to workout with GirlPower, shoot me an email at We offer personal training as well as small group fitness classes and I would love to add you to our tribe.