Some things are best done alone, and others are better in groups. Getting fit and reaching your fitness goals can fall into either of the above categories depending on who you are as a person and what your relationship with fitness and working out is like. There are some women, who’ve been working out for years, that are so incredibly focused and determined that they don’t need to work out in groups – in fact, they’re better off powering on alone. Then there’s everyone else – the people who at times find working out challenging; this is where group fitness comes into play.

If you think about it logically, the pack element when working out makes sense. We’re social creatures who generally love doing things with others. All you have to do is to think back to your childhood and teenage years to know how true this is. Back then, our friends and peers dictated the kinds of activities we did, and when you think about it, things haven’t changed that much. Today, being active with our friends is just as appealing as it was in the past; the only difference is that we have fewer opportunities to do so since we spend a great deal of our time ‘adulting’.

Group Fitness Sessions Offer More Variety

There are many benefits of group exercise. First, the greatest benefit of working out in a group would have to be the many forms of exercise you can do. Class exercise sessions are fun and, more often than not, group exercise formats don’t work as well when working out alone – think aerobics, dance, Pilates, step, body pump, boot camp and more.

The Social Opportunities of Working Out in a Group

I love how one of the best group fitness benefits is social-related. Not only does it get you off the couch, it also gets you out into the community to meet new people. Exercising in a group is more social than exercising alone, and this is the perfect way to meet likeminded people that might have the same goals as you.

And if you’re new in town, there’s no better way to meet new friends!

The Motivation Factor

When you work out in a group, you’ll notice that you push yourself harder, far beyond your previous perceived limitations.

In front of others, you’re likely to work harder and it may even get a bit competitive! Since everyone’s working towards the same goals, this is the perfect motivation to keep going hard and attending your group exercise class.

Group Exercise Sessions Give You Accountability

Accountability, in my opinion, is the biggest group fitness benefit. When you’re in a group exercise scenario, you’ll feel a lot more accountable to attend your class. Once you become a regular, if you happen to miss a class, the instructor and the other participants will wonder where you are and genuinely be concerned for your well-being.

What’s more, if you prepay for your group fitness classes, there will also be another layer of accountability. Pre-payment encourages you to go more, to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Gain Confidence

We all know that exercise is good for us. But the biggest problem is the first step – many just don’t know how to begin. For a beginner, the idea of working out can be overwhelming. Therefore, another group fitness benefit is it helps remove doubt and unnecessary stress.

Group classes are made up of all types of participants. You’ll see all ages, all sizes and all levels from the novice through to the more experienced, which makes is less daunting, especially if you lack experience and confidence.

All you must do is show up with the right positive attitude and enjoy the class and the social buzz that comes with a group exercise program.

Group Fitness is Time Friendly

Typically, group fitness sessions are scheduled to certain times. Another factor that causes people to stop working out or not even start is the time constraints they have. Group fitness sessions are typically scheduled and always run on time. This consistency will allow you to choose the right time for you to ensure you’re able to get the exercise in you need while also getting on with your other daily activities – it’s a win-win!

What are you waiting for? Reap the group fitness benefits today and find the right class for you!