How Do You Define Strong?

  Merriam-Webster defines strong as “having or marked by great physical power”. Urban Dictionary defines strong as “someone who comes off as confident”. And defines strong as “able to withstand great force or pressure”.   I’d like to add my own definition… I think “strong” means you keep going… …when someone says you can’t […]

Profiles in GirlPower: Riley – Changing the World

Riley Brown is only 19-years old. She is studying political science at the University of Texas, with plans to continue into law school. At just 19, she’s accomplished more than most people twice her age. During her senior year of high school, Riley went on a mission trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and found a passion […]

Profiles in GirlPower: Leslie – Girl Gone Strong

Leslie de Silva’s life was pretty typical. Her work, husband and two young children, a boy and girl, kept her busy. She enjoyed working out, focusing mostly on keeping her weight down and staying in shape. In 2014, she went in for some medical testing which showed that she had a benign tumor in her […]