The Top 5 Reasons People Don’t Work Out – Reason 5: Exercise Personality

Consistency in fitness

This is it – the final article in the series of examining why people don’t work out more. We’ve covered much ground and I hope I was able to offer some helpful tips! To recap: Article 1: Time Article 2: Cost Article 3: Value  Article 4: Intimidation And now, a mismatch on exercise personality. Did […]

The Top 5 Reasons People Don’t Work Out (and How to Overcome) — Reason 3: Value

While there are many people who don’t go to the gym for one reason or another, there are others who couldn’t imagine their life without the gym. If you go the gym, you expect certain things: treadmills and ellipticals, cold water fountains and cold air conditioning, classes that are both challenging and innovative. You may […]