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Food! All Things Related to Recipes & Deliciousness

Recipe Library

  • All recipes are dairy-free, grain-free and no sugar
  • Find tips and tricks on kitchen staples that will make it easier to eat healthy
  • Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and side dishes
  • Suggestions for eating out
  • Easy meals to throw together for when you just can’t even
  • Dietary information included on all recipes, including calories, protein, etc.
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Nutrition Guide

It can be really confusing to understand all the conflicting information out there about nutrition. And it’s even more confusing to determine what your body’s specific needs are.

In this nutrition guide, I explain what macros are and why they’re important to your health and fitness goals. I provide simple-to-follow advice that will make eating better not seem like such a monumental task!

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GirlPower Classes

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Here you’ll find classes of any format that are under half an hour. If you’re looking for a quick workout or you want to mix and match, this is the place.


Barre is low-impact sculpting that focuses on long, lean muscle building. Some moves are taken from ballet but no dance experience is needed. 


Boot Camp classes combine cardio and strength work. It’s a great all-in-one workout. Modifications are given so all fitness levels can join.

PASSWORD: Totalworkout

Here you’ll find all of the cardio-focused classes in one place. They may be dance, step aerobics, hi-lo or kickboxing, but you’ll find them all here.

PASSWORD: Burncalories

Feel like getting your groove on? Whether you want to do dance jam, Latin dance, or BollyX – you’ll have a great time while you sweat and burn calories!

PASSWORD: Danceitout

Kickboxing is a fun, high-energy workout that’s great for all fitness levels. Simple punches and kicks let you de-stress while you workout.

PASSWORD: Punchandkick

Here you’ll find yoga, pilates/yoga fusion, stretching and all of the classes that let you offer your body the extra TLC that you so richly deserve!


Through different angles, rotations, and strategic movements, smaller muscle groups “wake up” and are required to work to help create lift, tone, and muscular balance in Physique classes.

PASSWORD: Createlift

Pilates is a low-impact class that focuses primarily on building strength and stability in the core while toning the entire rest of the body. 

PASSWORD: Strongcore

Step aerobics provides a great cardiovascular workout while challenging your mind, as well! Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes are offered.

PASSWORD: Stepitout

All of the classes included here are focused on building strength in every area of your body. You don’t have to lift heavy to see the many benefits of strength training.

PASSWORD: Getstronger

Daily Workout Plans

Download an exact set of exercises to do, plus instructions and demos.

3 Day Full Body

3-Day Full Body Strength Workout

Includes upper body, lower body and core exercises. 

2 Day Upper Body

2-Day Upper Body Strength Workout

Focus on shoulders, biceps, triceps, back & more.

2 Day Lower Body

2-Day Lower Body Strength Workout

Focus on glutes, hamstrings, quads & more.

2 Day Core

2-Day Ab/Core Strength Workout

Tone and tighten your abs and entire core area.

2 Day Beginner

2-Day Beginner Strength Workout

Exercises aimed to help the beginner get stronger and healthier.

2 Day Bodyweight

2-Day Body-Weight Workout

No equipment needed in this full-body strength workout.

2 Day HIIT

2-Day HIIT Workout

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) combines cardio and strength.

2 Day Postnatal

2-Day Post-Natal Workout

Moms can safely strengthen their core as well as improve total fitness.