Day 1:

  • Elbow to Tall Plank
  • Bear Crawl Going Nowhere
  • Windmill
  • Double Leg Crunch to Scissors
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Standing Elbow to Knee

Day 2:

  • Side Elbow Plank Up & Down
  • Tall Plank Reaches
  • Teapot
  • Lower Both Legs
  • Situps
  • Back Lifts


  • Aim for 15 reps of each exercise.
  • For each exercise, do one set, rest 30-45 seconds, then do a second set. Move on to the next exercise.
  • Take progress photos so you can see your body changing.

DAY 1:

Tall Plank to Elbow Plank: Get into a tall plank position with hands under shoulders, belly pulled to spine, and hips in line with your body. Drop each elbow down, coming into elbow plank, then push back up to your hands. Do 8 right lead, then 8 left lead.

Bear Crawl Going Nowhere: From a hands and knees position, lift the knees off the floor about one inch. Walk the hands back and forth, keeping the knees only an inch off the floor.

Windmill: From a wide stance, turn out the foot on the same side as the hand holding the weight. Lift the other arm. Drop the weight down the leg, leaning sideways, keeping the upper body open and arm reaching up.

Double Leg Crunch to Scissors: Hug both knees to chest and curl upper body to meet the knees. Extend both legs while pressing the lower back to the floor. Scissor the feet 4 times.

Reverse Crunches: Lift the hips and lower body off the floor as much as you can. Don’t swing/use momentum for the lift.

Standing Elbow to Knee: Holding a weight in both hands, twist the upper body and touch elbow to opposite knee. Repeat other side.


DAY 2:

Side Elbow Plank Up & Down: Lie on your side with both legs straight and then bend the bottom leg. Press the hips up and bring hand to head. Curl the upper elbow to bottom elbow while keeping the hips elevated.

Tall Plank with Arm Reaches: Get into a tall plank position with hands under shoulders, belly pulled to spine, and hips in line with your body. Focusing on keeping hips still and not twisting side to side, reach each arm forward.

Teapot: Stand with feet together and hold a heavy weight. Lean to the side as far as you can and then return to the starting position. Repeat other side.

Lower Both Legs: Lying on your back and pressing your lower back down, lift both legs and slowly lower down and up. If your lower back starts to lift, don’t take your legs down as far.

Situps: With either hands behind the head or out in front, come all the way up to a sitting position.

Back Raises: Lying face down, bring your hands to head and lift the upper body as much as possible. Keep your neck in neutral alignment by looking at the mat. Feet do not lift.