Getting a Great Workout When You Have No Time to Workout

no time to workout

No time to workout? Nonsense! There’s no such thing. Even the busiest of ladies can spare time to workout. Really, it all boils down to motivation and priorities. If you do not have much time to workout, there are actually plenty of options for you to do from short bursts of high intensity exercise to […]

Don’t Train with Me for a Bikini Body

don't train with me for a bikini body

It’s true that I treasure every single person who works out with me here at GirlPower Fitness. I consider it an honor and I treat our time together with respect and gratitude. But you should know, I’m not the right trainer for every person out there. For example: You shouldn’t train with me if you’re looking to […]

Personal Training or Group Fitness Classes: Which is Right for You?

Personal Training or Group Fitness Classes

If you’re ready to make some changes to your health or fitness regimen, you might be weighing the options of hiring a personal trainer or attending your gym’s group fitness classes. Which is right for you? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each: Money: Might as well get this one out of the […]

Health and Fitness Success Guarantees – Final Tip!

Today, we wrap up the series on health and fitness success guarantees. We’ve already covered putting your workout on the schedule first, changing your eating habits, and journaling your food and workouts. And now the grand finale… drum roll, please… my final tip to achieve health and fitness success is to believe in yourself. Sound […]

The Dog Days of Summer and Your Fitness Routine

Summer is always a tough time for the fitness industry. People take vacations, summers get busy with kids being out of school, moms and dads fall out of their regular fitness routine to keep up with changing schedules. And not to mention it’s hot. It often seems much more pleasant to keep lying on the […]