No time to workout? Nonsense! There’s no such thing. Even the busiest of ladies can spare time to workout. Really, it all boils down to motivation and priorities.

If you do not have much time to workout, there are actually plenty of options for you to do from short bursts of high intensity exercise to exercising sporadically in between everything else you’ve got going on in your life.

So if you’re one of these ladies that says there is no time to workout because you’ve got a bazillion other things you need to get done in a day, read on to discover that you can still find ways to get your workouts in.

Learn to Exercise Efficiently

Of course you need to find a workout that suits you and your needs, but you’re also a busy lady, who’s trying to do a million and one things, which is why it’s necessary to pick a workout type that you can do almost anywhere, whether you’re just returning home after a long day at the office or chasing tots around.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) would be a great choice. HIIT is a form of interval training where you alternate short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. Here’s a great HIIT workout that you can do from anywhere and takes as little as 12 minutes:

Every exercise 45 seconds

No breaks in between

1x through = 12 minutes, 2x through = 24 minutes

Discover What you Really Enjoy

It’s so easy to make the excuse that there is no time to workout. We tend to do this not because we’re lazy, but because the idea of doing one type of exercise may just be a big turn-off.

Ladies, it’s time to get real. You need to learn more about yourself. Personally, I love a hardcore workout that’s going to push me to the limits, but I do realize that this isn’t for everyone.

When you choose to do a type of exercise that suits you, your personality, lifestyle and needs, you’ll have more chance of following it through. Perhaps you won’t fall in love with it, but at least you won’t hate it either.

To help you figure out what type of workout is best suited to you, take this exercise personality quiz!

Make a Schedule

Having a schedule and following it makes you more productive and more efficient throughout the day. This just doesn’t go for the office; a workout schedule has the very same effect!

Sit down, do some thinking and some hard prioritizing. Make a schedule (write it down) and put your workouts on the schedule – they’re now scheduled and non-negotiable barring an emergency. Make sure you stick to it, and keep reminding yourself why you’re working out in the first place and that it’s worth sticking it out. Keep your eye on the prize and keep going!

Track your Activity Levels and Progress

Keep a record of your progress. It doesn’t need to be full of every single detail, but if you calculate your sessions at the end of every week, month and year, you’ll be able to track your progress while identifying areas that still need improvement. It’s so gratifying to look back and see how far you’ve come and is a great motivator to keep going.

When you measure your exercise activity levels and you notice a lapse, you’ll also be reminded of what your initial fitness goals were, which in turn might just give you that necessary push in the right direction.

Doing Something is Better than Doing Nothing

Obviously the more often you exercise the better, but I get that this isn’t always viable, so a good way to get over the ‘not much time to workout’ mentality is to do a little something every chance you get. If done regularly enough, you’ll be surprised as to how it all adds up. There’s always going to be a few spare minutes in the day where you can slot in a little bit of exercise – it all comes down to being mindful of how you spend your time.

Did you know that if you employ the “sit, stand, sit” method, that you can accomplish 10,000 squats in a day? Read more about this idea by fitness educator Len Kravitz here.


Even though you may feel like you have no time to workout, there are many reasons to get moving throughout your day but the most important is that you’ll feel better. And if you feel better, your quality of life will improve, your energy will increase, you’ll sleep better and more. You owe it to yourself to find nuggets of time to workout, no matter how small!