These 6 exercises will strengthen your core from every direction: front abs, obliques and back muscles. Do each exercise for 30 seconds, repeating the set 3 times.


Elbow plank with arm reach: In an elbow plank, your shoulders are over your elbows and your belly is pulled to spine while keeping your hips in line with your shoulders. Extend each arm and focus on keeping your hips as still as possible and not twisting.



Flutter kicks: Press your lower back firmly into the mat and don’t allow it to come up throughout the exercise. Hands behind the head and lift the shoulders up. For modifications, you can take the legs higher and/or bend the knees.


Twisted mountain climbers: In a tall plank, keep your shoulders over your wrists. Your hips stay low/in line with shoulders. Bring the knee up toward the opposite elbow, crossing in the middle.


Tall plank with row: Choose medium to heavy weights (probably between 8-15 lbs). From a tall plank, row each arm, bringing the weight up to the body and keeping the elbow close. Your focus is on keeping the hips as still as possible and trying not to twist.


Side V-ups: Lie on your side and up on one elbow. Angle both legs in front of your body. Lift both legs together, not letting knees/ankles come apart. As you do this, you’ll roll slightly back on your hips.


Sit-ups with a twist: If you cannot do sit-ups with hands behind your head, you can extend the arms in front and reach across. Or if you would like to only do crunches, angle each elbow at the top of the crunch.


Let me know if you do this workout and contact me with any questions!