Recently, I asked my Facebook friends to share with me what motivates them in only one word. They answered with…..

What's your motivation?


I find motivation to be really interesting. People typically begin exercising because they’ve come to some type of crossroads and decided to find the motivation to take the path that leads to better health. 

So, imagine a crossroads that you might find yourself at… A dress doesn’t fit. A blood pressure reading is too high. A friend has a heart attack. Your doctor tells you you need to lose weight. You see a number on the scale you’re not happy with.

One or many of these things have happened to all of us. When you find yourself in one of these situations, you have a choice. A) Do something. B) Don’t. Whether you choose option A or B will always take your source of motivation into consideration: Future. Joy. Mobility. Family. Weight. Mirror.

My question is — if you’re at a crossroads today, what are you going to choose? A or B? You don’t have to figure it all out to just decide to take the first step in the right direction.