Do you plan to fail? When you start working out or trying to eat better, do you already have an exit strategy in case things don’t work out? What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail? Would that change your outlook?

With a bit of fitness planning that examines the key components of a successful program, you can be sure you’re on the right track.

Identify the WHY

When I start working with a new personal training client, my first question is: what are your goals? Why are you here? What do you want to get out of working with me? In the book “Ignite the Fire” by Jonathan Goodman, he stresses the importance of finding out the emotional reasons behind why people are starting a new exercise program. He urges trainers to keep asking, “WHY is this important to you?”

“I want to lose 10 pounds.”

“Why is this important to you?”

“Because I don’t feel comfortable in my clothes.” “Because I feel self-conscious when I go out with my friends.” “Because I have a family reunion coming up and I want to look good.”

Now you’ve given me information that allows me to connect with you on a deeper level. Now I know WHY it’s important to you to lose 10 pounds because no one just really wants to lose 10 pounds. There’s always an emotional reason behind it.

If you’re at a place where you’d like to make some changes, even if you’re not working with a trainer, think through this question yourself and identify your WHY. 

Determine the HOW

Now that you know what your true motivation is, let’s figure out the HOW. If your goal is to build muscle, you’ll want to focus on heavier weights and lower repetitions. If you want to lose weight, you’ll need to add cardio/fat burning to the mix. This doesn’t mean you cut out lifting weights – strength training is actually critical for maximum fat loss. For losing weight, interval training that alternates strength and cardio is a good approach. This can be as simple as sprints in your backyard followed by push-ups, squats and sit-ups. If you would like more guidance, I like the mix of programs offered by The Daily Burn. Or you can give me a call for personal training. 🙂

Make your plan. Write it down, starting with your why and then detail your how, and hold yourself accountable. 

Believe that you will not fail. This is your time and you can do this. Plan to succeed!