Today I thought I’d share my favorite healthy recipe websites. My husband and kids endure a lot of new recipes from me. I’m ALWAYS looking for new meals that are healthy and delicious. I love to try to find ways to make favorite recipes more healthy. I love cooking with ingredients I’ve never used before (arrowroot flour or coconut aminos, anyone?). I love to have my family enthusiastically devour a meal that is super nutritious. Now, I’m not one of those moms who is into hiding healthy ingredients in recipes and hoping the kids won’t notice. I’m trying to teach my kids an appreciation for nutritious food while also keeping in mind that occasional treats never hurt anyone.

So, in this post I’ll share my favorite healthy recipe blogs. I’m adding to the list all the time so please leave a comment if you know of one I should check out! Most of these are Paleo websites. If you’re not familiar with the Paleo diet, it focuses on eating lean meat, fresh fruit and vegetables. It is not a low-carb diet. Rather, it focuses on consuming real food that is minimally processed. Without further ado:


So that’s a sampling of some of my favorites. Bon appetit!