It really bugs me when I hurt. I know, I know – any of us who work out frequently are going to get some type of overuse injury from time to time, but it still bugs me. I feel like I’m falling apart! For years, my Achilles tendon hurt after a high-intensity cardio class. It would start to hurt during class, hurt more a couple of hours later and then hurt so much the next morning I could hardly walk.

Finally I decided to try and find a product that would help so I turned to trusty Amazon. I read the reviews of many products and was impressed by what I read about the CEP RxOrtho+ Achilles Brace. It’s kind of pricey at around $65 but I was ready to pay whatever was required.

Well, lo and behold, it actually works! I ended up buying two of them and wear both to every cardio class I teach. They’ve made a huge difference and I have minimal to no pain in the Achilles area. If you suffer from this injury, I highly recommend this product!

More info here on the product’s website.