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How Do You Define Strong?

  Merriam-Webster defines strong as “having or marked by great physical power”. Urban Dictionary defines strong as “someone who comes off as confident”. And defines strong as “able to withstand great force or pressure”.   I’d like to add my own definition… I think “strong” means you keep going……

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Is it Healthy to be Competitive?


Being competitive is a tricky subject. We receive many conflicting messages on competition and whether it’s a good thing. For example: If women are competitive with each other, they’re called catty. If all the kids at the race are given a green participation ribbon, some say this makes society weak…

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Stay Engaged and in Control of Your Life: Advice for Seniors

advice for seniors

  This week’s post is a guest blog courtesy of   If you’re a retired older adult, you may have regarded retirement as a time of relaxation and physical rest, a time during which you could begin to recover from the stresses and responsibilities of a busy professional and family…

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There’s Gotta Be More to a Healthy Lifestyle than Weight Loss

Healthy Lifestyle

At the outset of any new health and fitness program, it’s always a good idea to think through your goals. When I ask new clients what their goals are, I often get “to lose 10 pounds” or “well, obviously I want to lose weight” or “I just need to get…

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Be Happier Every Day: 3 Simple Changes to Make your Life More Enjoyable

Guest post from Kelly Coulter of Coulter Internet Marketing I know all kinds of entrepreneurs and business leaders at different types of businesses. And although for the most part these are strong, empowered people, their level of happiness varies. It is not correlated in any way to their level of…

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