If you’ve had a conversation with me lately, chances are I’ve mentioned Jonathan Goodman and what a smart guy I think he is. He started the Personal Training Development Center where he doles out education on how to be successful in your personal training career. I’ve learned more from him than all other resources I’ve found put together.

Right now, I’m reading his book, “Ignite the Fire” and in it, he stresses the important of finding a niche and becoming the go-to trainer for that group of people. So this got me thinking – what is my niche?

Really, without even identifying it as my “niche”, I’ve known where my passion lies ever since I started this journey. Yes, I’ll train the very fit. Yes, I’ll train elite athletes. But that is not where my passion lies.

I’m passionate about the person who has never felt like they fit in at the gym. My passion is for people who are frustrated, don’t know where to start and, usually, are at an emotional threshold. All of my clients, in one way, shape or form, are dealing with confidence issues. These are the people I believe I can help. I desire so deeply to show these women how strong they really are. I want them to find a fire in their belly that they didn’t know they had. I want them to appreciate their bodies for its strength and its health – not how it looks in a bathing suit. I want to help these women get a bit of their confidence back by leading them through a program that shows them how capable they really are.

So, thanks, Jonathan. I guess I knew this all along but I’d never put it down on paper. Of course, the purpose of finding your niche is to be able to market to them so now I need to figure out the best way to reach this group. (Ideas??)

The niche of GirlPower Fitness is any woman of any age who needs someone to believe in them. She’s ready to make a commitment and take that first step to a healthier lifestyle. Does that describe you?