Ever thought about adding a little pep in your step this Thanksgiving? A little trot to go with your turkey? A little run to go with your roasted potatoes? A little sprint to go with your sweet potatoes?

Okay, enough of that.

I asked around to find out what healthy habits people tried to maintain during this most gluttonous of holidays.

Meredith says, “Lots of greens and fresh veggies instead of casseroles. And I forgo the sweets… except for the sweet potato apple casserole… After all, it’s Thanksgiving!”

Amanda says, “I make sure that my calories are not consumed with beverages. Water, water, water especially if I know the meal is going to be heavy. I also try to watch portions.”

Erin says, “I’m working to maintain my workout schedule (3-4 times per week) before and after vacation. Also, we started juicing for dinner four times a week about a month ago. We’ll snack on some of the veggies and fruit as we juice. This will hopefully also help keep off the extra pounds if we keep it up.”

Alice says, “I like to walk, avoid sweets, and I don’t eat fat or carbs.”

Amanda says, “Runner’s World usually has a run streak they publicize on Facebook/Instagram that starts Thanksgiving Day and goes until New Year’s Day. You have to run at least a mile a day. I’ve done it the last two years. It helps to keep me on track and get some ‘me’ time.”

And David says, “I like to give the grip muscles in my hand a good workout with those goofy nutcrackers. And I keep my biceps in shape hoisting heavy spoons of rich desserts from the plate to my mouth. Also keeps the jaw muscles well-conditioned.” Such a funny guy. 😉

So there are lots of ways to keep healthy habits in motion through the holidays. A couple of other ideas:


If you’re in Austin, Texas (or the surrounding area), you can take advantage of one of these fun events:

  1. Cedar Park Turkey Day 5K
  2. Drippin’ with Thanks 5K and Family Fun Run
  3. Pfeathered Pfun Run
  4. ThunderCloud Subs Turkey Trot


Stay tuned for a workout you can do from anywhere, anytime during the holidays!