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Knowing your Exercise Personality and Finding What Works for You

What's your workout personality?

A good friend of mine is obsessed with the Myers-Briggs personality profile and claims to be able to very accurately guess anyone’s type. I’ve always considered myself to be either an extroverted introvert or an introverted extrovert, one of the two. I enjoy talking to people immensely if it’s one on…

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You Have the Responsibility to Change – But You Also Have the Power

You have the responsibility - and power - to change

Ever stop to wonder why obesity rates are skyrocketing as the number of gyms continues to increase? It’s because the gyms don’t care about you. You will find instructors, trainers and other employees who care, but the people getting rich at the headquarters of 24Hour-Planet-Lifetime gym do not care. Commercial…

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Health and Fitness Success Guarantees – Final Tip!

Believe in Yourself

Today, we wrap up the series on health and fitness success guarantees. We’ve already covered putting your workout on the schedule first, changing your eating habits, and journaling your food and workouts. And now the grand finale… drum roll, please… my final tip to achieve health and fitness success is…

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