Servings: 4 servings




In a small skillet over medium heat, cook the bacon slices until crisp. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside. Do not drain the grease yet.
In a small bowl, combine all spices: garlic powder, onion powder, 1/2 teaspoon salt, paprika, cumin, cinnamon, and chili powder. In a large cast-iron skillet over medium heat, melt coconut oil or ghee. Add diced sweet potatoes and cook, stirring regularly, until beginning to soften. Add spices and stir to combine well. Add more coconut oil or ghee if necessary to prevent sticking. Cook until sweet potatoes are easily pierced with a fork.
Meanwhile, make guacamole. Mash avocado with lemon or lime juice in a bowl. Add salt to taste.
When sweet potatoes are nearly done, fry your eggs. Pour rendered bacon grease into a bowl. Add about 1 tablespoon back to the small skillet and heat over medium heat. Crack 2 eggs into skillet and cook until whites are opaque and beginning to set. Flip, if desired, or simply cook until all of whites are set. Sprinkle with salt and slide off onto a plate. Repeat with two other eggs. Don’t overcook – you want the yolks to be soft to help create a sauce.
Plate your dish: spoon sweet potato home fries into the bottom of an individual serving bowl and top with eggs, guacamole, bacon, green onions, and ranch dressing. Serve immediately.



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