Servings: 1 serving




Using an apple slicer (or a knife), cut your apple into wedges. You can either peel it before or after (I prefer after). Cut wedges in half or thirds to make bite-size pieces.

Put the coconut oil in the small bowl (I use a Pyrex dish with a lid for this) and microwave it for about 15-20 seconds until it’s melted.
Place apples and all other ingredients into a glass bowl. Mix it around to coat the apples with the spices and oil.

Place the lid or plastic wrap on the top of the bowl. Leave a small vent open for steam to escape.
Microwave on HIGH for 2:15.

Be very careful removing the bowl from the microwave. It will be extremely hot and there will be steam. Use potholders here, it really helps.
Give everything a quick little stir, let them cool a minute or two (so you don’t burn your tongue) and eat warm.



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