GirlPower Testimonial

Karishma couldn’t be more pleased with the results she’s seen while training with Whitney at GirlPower Fitness and provided the following GirlPower Testimonial:

“When I started personal training sessions with Whitney Otstott from GirlPower Fitness, I had reached a plateau in both my fitness regime and my body’s response to exercise. I had previously used a few different approaches such as working out at home (on an elliptical), group fitness classes at a corporate gym, then small group sessions at the same gym, and finally strength training and cardio at home (on my own). I had seen good results with these approaches previously, but that progress was steadily slowing down. At this point, I felt resigned that this would be the limit to my overall shape and fitness levels.

When I spoke to Whitney for the first time I specifically stated that I wanted to break this status quo and push further the limits of my strength training, towards building better definition, muscle development, and overall shape. We decided on 60-minute personal training sessions, twice a week.

And this is why it’s the best thing to have happened to my fitness journey!

  1. Combined approach: These personal training sessions combine a lot of different exercise approaches such as boot camp, cardio, weight training, Pilates, barre, suspension trainers, and body weight exercises. With these different training approaches, Whitney designs the sessions to include various different muscle groups, including abdominal exercises, especially focusing on areas that I want to work on. Whitney also progressively steps up the exercise routine (with higher weights, more reps, longer duration, using unstable surfaces), which enables me ‘to visualize’ my progress. This made it exciting and interesting, and also pushed my fitness limits. In the process, I discovered strength and abilities I didn’t know existed, and the positive results (more muscle definition, core strength, endurance) just fell into place.
  2. Set up: The set up is private, comfortable and encouraging. Given that we are all in different stages of our fitness journey, huge gyms can be intimidating, impersonal, and overwhelming. At the GirlPower Fitness private studio, for those 60 minutes, the sprung, hard-wood floors and wall mirrors are my space to explore and enhance my fitness limits. I enjoy that there are no marketing gimmicks being pushed at me (no detox deals, no heavy duty protein powders, no extra metabolic assessments). This assures me that the focus is to enable my fitness goals and not to meet employees’ ‘business goals’.
  3. Fitness Trainer: Whitney is an amazing trainer and person! As a fitness trainer, she really cares about her clients and their goals. During the sessions, she is completely focused, very intuitive and mindful, and pushes me towards the target, while still making sure of my form and overall condition. As a person, she is fun, kind, and a great conversationalist, which makes the training sessions even more enjoyable! She has a practical approach to fitness, which encourages incremental strides towards one’s goal, and not focusing on a weight or number. 


Taken together, GirlPower Fitness is an empowering program. It has enabled me to rediscover the joy of exercise and push the limits of my strength and endurance.”