Today I’m going to talk about my favorite female fitness bloggers! So, first of all, thank GOD for the internet. If I was trying to pave my way through the fitness world back in the days before the internet, it would have been so much harder! I guess I could read magazines and books and watch fitness tv shows but in today’s world, the internet allows anyone and everyone to have a platform to share their knowledge. And I really appreciate the vast amount of knowledge I’ve picked up from fitness bloggers who dedicate their time to teaching new exercise moves, nutrition and even just how to stay motivated. I have a few in particular that I really enjoy following and wanted to share those with you today.

  1. Jill Coleman – I follow her primarily on Facebook and by reading her blog on her website, but she does tons of other stuff, too. She’s got a fitness challenge going right now and has tons of programs to help you achieve the best version of you.
  2. Kat Musni – First of all, she’s adorable and I have a total girl crush on her arms. I first found her on YouTube when looking for suspension training exercises. I now follow her on Facebook, too, and love her quirky personality and great workout tips.
  3. The Betty Rocker – I get tons of new exercise ideas from her Facebook page as well as awesome recipes on her website. Plus this article that she wrote on tips for a rockin’ bod and balanced life is, like, my favorite fitness article EVER!
  4. Kai Wheeler – If I’m ever stuck and need inspiration on new exercises, Kai Wheeler’s YouTube channel is where I turn. She’s a total bad a$$.


Well, those are my favorites. I can only hope to one day be as inspirational, motivational and all-around awesome as they are!