Total Transformation Successes

You know how you get to a certain age, like mid-40’s, and maybe you’ve had a kid and you start to think, well, I guess this is just what happens. My fitness declines, my weight goes up, my metabolism slows. I decided I didn’t want to participate in that. And I decided I have a choice in the matter. So I chose to get in the best shape I’d ever been in. I started lifting big weights and really paid attention to what I was eating and learned about things like macros and, lo and behold, it worked. Because we have a choice when it comes to our health.

So I decided to share with others what I did so they could take charge of their health, too. I mean, I’m just a regular person so if I can do it, anyone can. I made a library of all the easy and delicious recipes I ate, I made 8 weeks worth of meal plans + grocery lists, and I recorded 17 workout videos so people could workout from anywhere, anytime. I knew that if I could share with people what I did — which is simply learning to eat/cook real food – no supplements, shakes or diet pills — that it’s a *sustainable* lifestyle they can incorporate for the rest of their lives. I created a program where I calculate calories and macros for each person, I stay in close contact and cheer them on, and I provide guidance and answer any questions along the way. And I just added 3 in-person workouts to the program. *But* you can still do the program even if you’re not in Austin and we’ll figure something out with Facetime/Skype.

It’s an 8-week program that begins April 1 and ends May 24, just in time for summer. Yes, it’s a commitment but you are worth it! Message me for more info or to get started!


“Whitney was great at helping me set and achieve my goals. She provides recipes, weekly menus, access to exercises, and encouraging communication throughout the process to keep you focused on your goals. Before this, I struggled with ongoing knee problems and just walking upstairs could be painful, but through this process I’m actually able to jog up the stairs and complete exercises that I never would have been able to do before this.” – Becky



“GirlPower Fitness is a wonderful motivational program to help you become the woman that’s hiding inside you. Through organized meal plans, workouts, blogs, a fantastic website, weekly newsletters, and daily check ins from the coach, you will transform yourself and make it a habit you can stick with. I would definitely recommend this program to others. Show your daughters you can do it, and inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle with you!” – Christi



“Girlpower Fitness Total Transformation program is a way to find healthy, quick and tasty meals! I didn’t know healthy meals could tasty so good! Whitney is consistent and persistent! She kept me motivated with support and reminders of the reasons I started my journey.” – Katherine