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When a friend told me about Whitney’s classes and kept insisting for me to try them, I kept coming up with several excuses…time was always at the top of my list. Little did I know that signing up for Whitney’s classes would be such a gift in my life. I was never an athletic person. Sure, I played sports when I was younger, even tried several gyms, but always ended up quitting; they were too crowded, too impersonal, too competitive and too far from my own reality. Here in Whitney’s classes, the only person that you compete with is yourself. My experience could not be better. The benefits that I have from the classes are enormous: I feel more energetic, my overall health keeps improving, I’ve learned to enjoy exercise and I look forward to the next class. Whitney is the best coach I’ve ever met. She always greets you with a smile, is supportive, gives you confidence that you can surpass your own goals and is knowledgeable. The information that she relays, whether in health tips, nutrition or just self-improvement, are very interesting. She is very intelligent, and her management of the classes keep them interesting and fun while you become familiar with the exercises. The classes environment is just wonderful.

Alcina R.



I am a 73 year old grandmother, and I cannot say enough good things about Whitney and GirlPower Fitness! I had back surgery 4 years ago and was cautioned over and over about not bending, twisting or lifting while recovering. I was so careful for so many months that even after I was fully healed I continued to be very cautious in my movements..I realized recently that I had become too sedentary and was feeling stiff and unbalanced. I was fearful that if I didn’t start moving my body the day might come when I wouldn’t be able to without the use of a cane or walker – I certainly didn’t want that to ever become my reality! I wanted to work with Whitney because my daughter was so pleased with her workouts and progress. Whitney made a very customized plan for me. Each session was different and never boring! I feel so much stronger and much less wobbly! Whitney has given me a plan so that I can continue working on my balance and strengthening my core at home.I would recommend Whitney and GirlPower to anyone of any age! She has such a wonderful personality and is so encouraging. She is an expert in her field and has a beautiful, well-equipped studio in her home. I feel so much stronger and more confident now! Thank You, Whitney! 

Judy O.

When I started personal training sessions with Whitney, I had reached a plateau in both my fitness regime and my body’s response to exercise. I had previously used a few different approaches such as working out at home (on an elliptical), group fitness classes at a corporate gym, then small group sessions at the same gym, and finally strength training and cardio at home (on my own). I had seen good results with these approaches previously, but that progress was steadily slowing down. At this point, I felt resigned that this would be the limit to my overall shape and fitness levels.


When I spoke to Whitney for the first time I specifically stated that I wanted to break this status quo and push further the limits of my strength training, towards building better definition, muscle development, and overall shape. We decided on 60-minute personal training sessions, twice a week.


And this is why it’s the best thing to have happened to my fitness journey!


1. Combined approach: These personal training sessions combine a lot of different exercise approaches such as boot camp, cardio, weight training, Pilates, barre, suspension trainers, and body weight exercises. With these different training approaches, Whitney designs the sessions to include various different muscle groups, including abdominal exercises, especially focusing on areas that I want to work on. Whitney also progressively steps up the exercise routine (with higher weights, more reps, longer duration, using unstable surfaces), which enables me ‘to visualize’ my progress. This made it exciting and interesting, and also pushed my fitness limits. In the process, I discovered strength and abilities I didn’t know existed, and the positive results (more muscle definition, core strength, endurance) just fell into place.
2. Set up: The set up is private, comfortable and encouraging. Given that we are all in different stages of our fitness journey, huge gyms can be intimidating, impersonal, and overwhelming. At the GirlPower Fitness private studio, for those 60 minutes, the sprung, hard-wood floors and wall mirrors are my space to explore and enhance my fitness limits. I enjoy that there are no marketing gimmicks being pushed at me (no detox deals, no heavy duty protein powders, no extra metabolic assessments). This assures me that the focus is to enable my fitness goals and not to meet employees’ ‘business goals’.
3. Fitness Trainer: Whitney is an amazing trainer and person! As a fitness trainer, she really cares about her clients and their goals. During the sessions, she is completely focused, very intuitive and mindful, and pushes me towards the target, while still making sure of my form and overall condition. As a person, she is fun, kind, and a great conversationalist, which makes the training sessions even more enjoyable! She has a practical approach to fitness, which encourages incremental strides towards one’s goal, and not focusing on a weight or number.


Taken together, GirlPower Fitness is an empowering program. It has enabled me to rediscover the joy of exercise and push the limits of my strength and endurance.

Karishma K.

After being disappointed with crowded classes at big gyms, I heard about Whitney, who trains right out of her home. I actually WALK to her home for my workouts. She’s very talented and her fitness classes are exceptional. Never the same, she works hard to mix exercises up. Her Pilates, Cardio Kickboxing, and Bootcamp are my favs, and she does other classes. If you want to stay local in the neighborhood, and get an amazing workout with other lovely neighborhood women, I strongly suggest GirlPower Fitness – I can already see a difference after working with Whitney.

Patty W.



I love GirlPower Fitness! I initially signed up for private training sessions, and eventually transitioned to the group classes. I always get a great workout and leave feeling ready to take on anything! I get compliments on my muscle tone and have definitely noticed a difference in my energy levels since taking classes with Whitney (owner). The gym is clean, bright, and has cutting edge equipment. I really like that Whitney changes up the class format and exercises each week. It keeps it fresh! If you want to transform your body in a positive and uplifting environment, call Girl Power Fitness!

Torrie V.

Whitney has been my trainer for over a year now. I have been going 5 mornings a week. I can’t imagine starting my day any other way. She is so smart and intuitive. She listens to your goals and helps you work steadily towards achieving them. She changes up routines everyday so I am never bored. When I started, I was not into working out, but I was active because of my hectic and stressful schedule. Hiring her was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I look forward to my work outs, and the benefits I am experiencing are beyond my expectations. I am strong. I am fit. I am healthy. I feel much less stressed. I have more energy. I am a happier person all around. She is an absolutely amazing trainer! 

D'Lana B.

Whitney offers some super fun, incredible group classes each day such as dance, kickboxing, Pilates and more. I really enjoy the level of classes. They challenge me and also motivate me to continue staying healthy! She also offers individual training which is spot on. She works with you individually on your fitness goals!

Lalania T.

I have benefited tremendously from Whitney’s personal training, which she had specifically customized to suit my needs as an individual living with with Parkinson’s disease. After just 4 weeks of regular workouts, my family and I have seen a noticeable improvement in my gait, posture, and overall mobility. I would absolutely recommend Whitney to those with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders who are looking to improve their strength and fitness.

Zulfiqar B.

Whitney is my current trainer and wow, she’s amazing! I couldn’t recommend her enough. Not only do clients get to work out in the privacy of her home gym, but her equipment is clean and always prepared, she always has a custom workout planned, and her rates are extremely reasonable! She is flexible with scheduling, easy to communicate with but still pushes clients accordingly, and just a great person to work with. She goes above and beyond – she’s not just a trainer, but also a great resource for healthy food information, cooking, and more.  Highly recommend!!! 

Teresa W.

Not only is Whitney smart and insightful, she is nonjudgmental. She accepts you at whatever fitness level you’re at, and helps you get to where you want to be with kindness and humor.

Diane B.

Whitney is knowledgeable, reliable, and professional. Her ability to vary workout formats and music help keep the energy level up and boredom level non-existent. She makes personal connections that provide accountability. She is an encourager, pushing you farther than you thought you could go. I highly recommend her without reservation!

Joelle B.

Whitney has a very effective method of training, making it fun and entertaining while at the same time giving the participants a good workout. Her classes are always mentally and physically challenging, creative and original. She ensures she is meeting everyone’s needs with extra attention for new participants and when introducing new steps. I have attended lots of different types of classes over the years and had a lot of good instructors and Whitney is at the top! Her style is very motivating and she truly cares about personal fitness. I’m fortunate to have such a great instructor and friend!

Kelly D.

I’ve have been fortunate to train under Whitney for over three years where her classes have been consistently challenging. She is very motivating and strong yet still conscientious to people’s limitations, while pushing me to my limits. Whitney is the right trainer for me and I know she will push you further than you thought you could go!

Patricia W.

I’ve been doing Whitney’s workouts for years, and I never once look at the clock during the workout. She caters to all fitness needs while delivering high-intensity workouts that are never repetitive. Whitney’s classes made me look forward to working out, so if you need some motivation to get started on your fitness journey, she’s the best!

Lamiyah B.

I have taken classes from Whitney for approximately 8 years. Her knowledge and professionalism are top notch. She brings an enthusiastic personality to each workout which is always uplifting, challenging and fun. I love that she changes the routines so you never get tired of doing the same thing. She is also very good at demonstrating and explaining each move in a way you can follow and understand, which I really appreciate. Whitney is one of the best instructors/trainers from whom I have had the pleasure taking classes!

Diane H.

Whitney is the perfect combination of tough and encouraging. She constantly switches things up and kicks them up a notch, helping me to reach my fitness goals and keeping me on my toes…literally!

Carol B.

I cannot say enough good things about GirlPower Fitness. Whitney is an AWESOME trainer and makes every single workout unique and fun. She pushes you in a way that you don’t even know it’s happening…. I recommend this trainer without a doubt.

Leonor M.

I love Whitney’s group fitness classes! Every class is fun and a fantastic workout. Whitney is engaging and positive! Since having knee surgery, there are some modifications I have to make to my workouts and Whitney is always great about making suggestions to how I can make whatever we’re doing in class work with my knee. 

Becky R.