Virtual Health Coach

virtual health coach

Cost $50.00


  • In order to be successful in any health program, you must first define your goals, and your “why”. That’s what we’ll dive into with this goal-setting session.
  • Learn more about your exercise preferences
  • Create SMART goals for your fitness journey
  • Learn why other programs may not have been successful in the past and what changes can be made to be successful this time
  • Get customized macros information (daily calories, protein, carbs and fat) for achieving the goal you’ve set
  • Get diet and exercise suggestions for achieving your goals
virtual health coach

Cost: 50.00


  • Do you need the accountability of a health coach? Someone to text you daily or every couple of days and ask about your food, workouts, etc? You can purchase 30 days of accountability with me.
  • Accountability will help ensure that you stay on track and reach your goals.
  • I provide not only accountability but support and encouragement.
  • I’m available for questions related to food, exercise, macros, etc.


Not sure what type of program you’d want me to hold you accountable to? Purchase the Goal-Setting Consultation above and I’ll help you figure it out!

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