GirlPower Fitness Club

Every Single Day is an Opportunity to be a Better Version of YOU!

To feel healthier, more confident and strong, you need a plan that goes beyond just exercise classes. 

You need convenience, help with meal planning, motivation and, oh, can we have fun, too, please?

I’ve got you! I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 25 years and I can help you reach your goals and have fun doing it.

online fitness classes
online fitness classes

What's Included in the GirlPower Fitness Club?

  • Online live-streaming fitness classes every single week. Each one is a different format for tons of variety.
  • Can’t make the live-streams? All classes are recorded so you can do them anytime at your convenience. New classes added every single week.
  • A huge library of recipes that are simple, delicious, and kid-approved as well as free of grains, sugar and dairy.
  • 8 weeks’ worth of meal plans so all the work is done for you. Each day includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks.
  • Tips, tricks and hacks to make eating healthy as simple as possible.
  • A downloadable Nutrition Guide with information on how to calculate your macros, plus much more.
  • Daily workout plans. Want a plan you can follow on your own? You have full access. These include options for beginners and post-natal moms.

Recipes, Meal Plans, Nutrition Guidance

Huge library of simple, healthy recipes

8 weeks of full meal plans

Downloadable Nutrition Guide

online fitness classes

This is YOUR time!

My specialty is working with women and helping them feel Strong, Healthy and Empowered.

How can I help YOU achieve your goals?


I didn’t know healthy meals could taste so good! Whitney is consistent and persistent! She kept me motivated with support and reminders of the reasons I started my journey.
Whitney offers super fun, incredible fitness classes each day. I really enjoy the level of classes. They challenge me and also motivate me to continue staying healthy!
GirlPower Fitness is a wonderful motivational program to help you become the woman that's hiding inside you. I would definitely recommend this program to others.
I love the group fitness classes! Every class is fun and a fantastic workout. Whitney is engaging and positive! She's great at helping me set and achieve my goals.

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