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Guest post from Kelly Coulter of Coulter Internet Marketing I know all kinds of entrepreneurs and business leaders at different types of businesses. And although for the most part these are strong, empowered people, their level of happiness varies. It is not correlated in any way to their level of
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The thought of training with a personal trainer can be daunting. What if your trainer is like a drill sergeant and likes to yell and use tough love? Thankfully, unless you’ve signed up to a military-style boot camp, you’re probably not going to encounter personal trainers like this. Although a
I love the quote, “Exercise is your king. Nutrition is your queen. Together they make the perfect kingdom.” This couldn’t be more true. Many people are under the assumption that as soon as they begin exercising, they’re going to achieve all their fitness goals and rock the image they desire.
How the Aging Process in Women Affects Exercise
There are many things in life we can’t predict, but one thing that’s inevitable is the aging process (whether we like it or not). And as we age, our bodies change, which in turn affects the way we exercise. The most important thing is to understand your body as you
Finding Exercise Motivation and Working Out Consistently
You’re one workout away from a better mood (and a better YOU) You probably think that one of the number one questions I receive as a personal trainer is, “How can I lose weight quickly?” Nope, not even close – this one’s quite far down the list, and most of