How to Stay Fit Without the Gym

You want to get fit but there are so many reasons that make this tough:

  • It’s expensive to join a gym
  • You have no time for the gym
  • There isn’t even a gym close to you
  • Perhaps you already joined one but find it too hectic to stay faithful to the schedules


I understand you and there are more women than you can imagine who are in your shoes.

In this day and age, there surely isn’t time to go to a fitness studio everyday but the good news is that it’s also not required in order to stay in good shape.

All you really need is consistency: in your house, in your office or anywhere in the middle of your busy world, you can stay fit if you are consistent.

Here are ideas for staying fit without ever stepping foot in a gym:

Make your Routine Integral

It’s said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. With time, your body will crave exercise but until then, stay consistent and settle into a workout routine. For starters, try exercising for 10-20 minutes and gradually increase over time.

Reward Yourself

Just like you would treat your dog for learning something new, reward yourself for staying faithful to a fitness routine. Maybe a good massage, a new dress or your favorite meal, rewarding yourself provides great motivation!

Find an Accountability Partner

An accountability partner can really help with keeping you consistent. This can be a personal coach, spouse, friend, neighbor, workmate, a relative or an app. Whomever it is, if you find a good accountability partner, you are headed for fitness success.

Feed Your Body Well

Your body needs well-balanced nutrition to be supported during exercise. If you don’t eat properly and hydrate well, you will burn-out or worse, get sick or injured.

Set Goals and Journal your Progress

If your goal is to strengthen your core, write down your plan and the exercises you will do each session. You might want to hire a trainer to help create an effective plan for you. Once you have this set, start journaling each step you take. Your journal will become a motivation and even help you be accountable to yourself.